Wood Tools – Totin Chip

Overview & Purpose

This lesson plan is to establish a consistent process for teaching the SKILL of using woods tools - axe, saw, and knife and is intended for Tenderfoot Scouts. It utilizes the Totin’ Chip as its basis for outlining specific rights.

Education Standards

  1. EDGE Method
  2. Pomodoro Technique (12 / 3)
    1. This Lesson Plan is 4 ½ Pomodoros OR 68min
  3. Lewins CHANGE Framework (changing a boys understanding)


  1. Learn
  2. Understand

Materials Needed

  1. Pomodoro Timer


Everyone has some knowledge of every subject. Forcing someone to accept yours as being superior to theirs will result in hesitation to learn and resistance to this new way.

UNFREEZE: It is important to first see what they know, or think on this subject

CHANGE: Use strong references and supporting materials to convince them of this subject matter.

REFREEZE: Re-enforce the concepts several times thoughout the weekend and at future outings. Enabling the Scout to teach a younger Scout is the fastest way for this new knowledge to become


pomo-timer1 Pomodoro = 12 min MAX - 3 min Break

This is the basic LECTURE on the subject matter. It should be only as long as necessary. The shorter, the better. Practice before hand!



pomo-timer1 Pomodoro = 12 min MAX - 3 min Break

This is the basic VISUAL on the subject matter. It is important that you PRACTICE beforehand. It is important for a learner to see it done right so they have an example to follow. It should be only as long as necessary. The shorter, the better --- without going so fast they can’t see what happened ( a delicate balance of time)


GUIDE / Activity

pomo-timerpomo-timer2 Pomodoro = 24 min MAX - (2) 3 min Break - 1st at 12min.

Describe activity that will reinforce the lesson



{Details GO HERE -- to allow the same experience}



  1. Recite
  2. Show
  3. Explain

Test adding to a Lesson Plan... If you can't break it, don't take it!

ENABLE / Closing

pomo-timer½  Pomodoro = 5 min MAX - 3 min Break

Proclaim their abilities and inform them they are now able to incorporate this knowledge into their lives.



Let it be known throughout this land

that the skill of firebuilding has been acquired.

I Proclaim these young men to be skilled

And worthy of wearing the Firem’n Chit Patch.

They now hold the right to build and care for fires and

Teach younger Scouts the proper way to build fires.

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