Troop Meeting Plan for 6/23/16

Before the Meeting

Have something for Scouts to do as they arrive.

ACTIVITY: Trucker's Hitch Review & Practice


Prayer | Pledge | Scout Oath | Lighting of the Candle

Skill Development


Link to Lesson Plan: SKIP To Allow enough time at the HIKE

Patrol Meeting

Patrol Leaders are to hold a meeting with their Patrol and plan for the next adventure.

Summer Camp Scojectment Review -- online format.

  1. Meals
  2. Activities
  3. Gear - Hot water heater; Solar Lights
  4. Games & Prizes
  5. Adventure based class B

Link: Scojectment Plan for Summer Camp

Inter-Patrol Activity

This is the highlight of the meeting and should be FUN!

ACTIVITY: Hike Island Park

Link to Game: n/a


Announcements | Scoutmasters Minute | Scout Law | Dismissal

After the Meeting

A time for the leadership team to get together and review...

  • How did tonight's planning for the next outing go?
  • Quick Reflection on the ACTIVITY
  • Quick Reflection on the MEETING
  • Review next weeks meeting agenda to verify assignments and resources

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