TM 12/1/16 – First Aid – Evaluating the Scene

Before the Meeting

Have something for Scouts to do as they arrive.

ACTIVITY: First Aid Order of Events

Hand groups of arriving Scouts decks of cards listing steps in first aid (assess the scene, call 911, open the airway, provide rescue breaths, perform CPR, stop bleeding, treat for shock, splint broken bones, etc). Have them sort the cards in the order of priority.

Opening Ceremony (10 Min) - Precisely at 6:30!

Prayer | Flag Presentation & Pledge | Scout Oath | Lighting of the Candle

Group Instruction (20 Min)


  • Evaluating the safety of the scene
  • Universal protection (why it's important to wear gloves and use mouth shields)
  • Calling 911 - what callers need to know
  • Hurry cases - airway, breathing, circulation
  • Identifying and treating shock


  • Tenderfoot requirements 2, 11, 12a, and 12b
  • Second Class requirements 3a, 7a, 7b, and 7c
  • First Class requirements 3, 8b, 8c, 8d, and 10
  • First Aid merit badge

Skill Instruction (25 Min)


  • Role-play situations where Scouts must evaluate the safety of a scene.
  • Have them discuss the need for gloves, masks, and safety glasses
  • Simulate calling 911, performing the procedure for someone who is choking, and identify and treating shock.




  • Discuss scenarios when the scene would not be safe and Scouts should not try to render aid.
  • Discuss what universal protection protects rescuers from.
  • Brainstorm ways to get help without using a phone.
  • Practice identifying and treating shock.
  • Review the steps in CPR




  • Discuss when it is safe and advisable to move a victim and when it is now.
  • Cover what you should do if exposed to a communicable disease and what you should do when help is delayed.
  • Research upcoming wilderness first aid courses.
  • Review the use of AEDs (automated external defibrillators).
  • Practice identifying and treating shock.


Breakout Groups (15 Min)

  • Practice skills covered in skills instruction.
  • Begin making plans for participation in the main event.

Game (15 Min)

This is the highlight of the meeting and should be FUN!

ACTIVITY: Ice Accident

Equipment: For each team, a 10-foot rope, a stave or broomstick handle, and a blanket

How to Play: Casually arrange the equipment in a corner of the room so it's ready for use, but don't draw attention to it. Have each team place a Scout "victim" in a prone position at the opposite end of the room. Announce that these victims have broken through the ice, and  it is up to each team to rescue them and render first aid. The team with the best performance and time wins.

Score the following: 1. Did the team determine a safe scene? 2. Were staves noticed and used? 3. Was rescue breathing given? 4. Was the victim warmed by the blanket and treated for shock? 5 Was 911 called and help summoned?

Closing (5 Min)

Announcements | Scoutmasters Minute | Scout Law | Dismissal

Next Adventure is Sunday Dec 4th - Orienteering with Badger Orienteering at Greenbush Group Campground. Cost of $15 for long course will be covered for Troop Members. Lunch will be provided for everyone who attends with the Troop.

After the Meeting (15 Min) - Precisely at 8:00!

A time for the leadership team to get together and review...

  • How did tonight's planning for the next outing go?
  • Quick Reflection on the INSTRUCTION
  • Quick Reflection on the GAME
  • Leadership team reviews plans for the next meeting and for the main event.

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