Overview of Boy Scouts

Scouting is different than Sports! Boy Scouts is different than Cub Scouts. Boy Scouts is a year round program for boys age 11 to 17 and has been around for over 100 years!

We are often misunderstood to be a camping club because we use the outdoors as opportunity for skill development, responsibility & personal growth.

Troop 51 is “Boy Led”, a program for boys by boys. This is hard for parents to get use to… many misunderstand the Scoutmasters enabling the scouts as lack of leadership… when in reality it’s the development of leaders. Once you see it in action, and realize just how much the boys are able to do, you’ll understand how the experiences foster future Leaders… They plan, organize, pack and bring everything we do to life.

As boys go through these years they desire independance, control, authority, to be heard, and to be appreciated. Scout meetings & outings allow boys all of this. They need to spread their wings and test the waters in a safe place. Scouts go on adventures and have fun, yet will be held responsible for every duty on the outing.

Scouting is a local civic organization ran by the parents of the Scouts. We know it’s challenging but our program can not continue without couragouse adults who bring the Scouts on outings. The best way to get started is by joining us on a campout as a guest and attending Troop Committee meetings.
Scouting is broken into 3 sections: Scoutcraft, Campcraft, Woodcraft

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