Merit Badge Workbook Policy

Boys are able to start any Merit Badge at any time. Troop 51 has established this policy that Scouts must use a workbook.

Merit Badge books are available from the scout shop or Amazon or Troop Library. The Troop Librarian is responsible for checking in and out the merit badge books that the Troop owns. makes available a workbook for every merit badge. It is required for a Scout to go get his own workbook and print it out. The Scoutmaster will not sign a bluecard until a workbook has been started…. Many Scouts have said they wanted to work on a Merit Badge and never actually started it, resulting in many partials in our system. Scouts are expected to be responsible for their advancement, including Summer Camp.

Scouts are expected to conform to the rules and NOT start requirements which specifically require “prior counselor approval”.

MB Prior Concent Required

Here is the MB order of events from

MB process


Troop meetings are a great time for Scouts to work on Merit Badges, however PLC approval is required prior to a Troop Meeting turning into a Merit Badge Clinic (i.e. every Scout Works on the badge). Scouts working on MB’s are expected to be their for the opening and closing and need to not be disruptive during Skill development, Patrol Meeting, and InterPatrol activity Times. Scouts choosing to work on MB’s are not allowed to come and go into Troop Meeting activities as they wish… they are expected to focus on the MB.

Drafted by Mr. Krause


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