Lawn Darts

Game Rules

The soft tip dart game can be played with 2 or 4 players. Divide 4 players into teams of 2.

Select an open area that is free from overhead obstacles, or other obstacles. The soft tip dart set is best played on soft surfaces like grass or sand. Watch for other people and pets in the play zone or between the dark thrower.

Place the two target rings about 25 feet from the designated throw area. The distance of the rings can be modified based on the skill level of the players.

To throw a soft tip lawn dart, hold it from the yellow tip, not the gray blunt area.

Points can be assigned to the circles and agreed-upon the players before the start of the game.

To score points, the player must throw the soft tip lawn dart and the tip must rest inside the target ring.

If the soft tip the lawn dart lands on the edge of the target ring, more than half of the tip must be inside the ring to count as a point.

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