Event Planning System

Event Planning System

We use a 3 part system – each having a specific purpose.

  1. The Public Calendar EVENT
  2. The SCOJECTMENT details page
  3. The TICKET to track who wants to go and who went.

The objective is to be simple, yet not so much that we fail to accomplish our needs. There are so many ways to do the same thing… From a simple calendar to a full event registration system. Our needs are simple…. We want to let our members know what’s coming up, answer every question they could possibly have and track it for advancement per BSA requirements.

Items we tried to accomplish:

  • Provide historical information about what our Troop has done for anyone looking at joining us
  • Provide a public calendar outside of Scoutbook
  • Utilize Scoutbook for RSVP and attendance
  • Everything you need in one place
  • Smartphone friendly
  • Super Easy to update while on the outing
  • Capable of being edited by anyone in our Troop holding responsibility to do so (can change day-to-day)

Now that we’ve done all that.. It would be nice if we could share our plan with other Troops so they could bring to life the same event and experience the same thing… or change it to meet their needs. The point being, all the contact information, maps, costs and true experience in a way that provides value to other units… and we would have to do nothing.

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