Committee Meeting for 8/15/16

Troop Committee Meeting AGENDA

Special Guest Business

To respect the time of our guests, we always put their items first, allowing them the opportunity to leave if interested... always extending an invitation for them to stay and participate in our normal meeting.




  1. Troop progress
  2. Actions of PLC
  3. Disciplinary problems and attendance
  4. Monthly outing plans
  5. Other troop needs
  6. Troop operations

Outdoor/Activities Coordinator

  1. Outdoor plans
  2. Special activities
  3. District and council activities
  4. Summer camp updates


  1. Report on current financial standing and dues
  2. Money-earning projects
  3. Friends of Scouting

Advancement Coordinator

  1. Troop advancement progress
  2. Boards of review
  3. Courts of Honor


  1. Update on chaplain support to troop members
  2. Religious emblems program
  3. Participation of boys in the religious emblems program

Training Coordinator

  1. New training materials
  2. Youth leader and adult volunteer opportunities for training

Equipment Coordinator

  1. Status of new and existing troop equipment and of toop needs
  2. new procedures for safe use and storage of equipment

Old/New Business

Parking LOT

Individual items added for this meeting... not flowing through the POST method. If the content of any item discussed is to become part of our BOK, a post will need to be created.


General Announcements

  • Council updates
  • Information from the chartered org
  • Community Events
  • Announce the date of the next TC Meeting


After the meeting...

  1. Committee Chair OR Secretary UPDATE Agenda with link to items discussed from the Parking Lot... add links in the old/new business section.
  2. Secretary UPDATE each post with MINUTES... the notes from discussion.
  3. Secretary UPDATE each post category to properly remove it from the parking lot into final destination (BOK or History)

Meeting Content workflow....

  1. Items can be emailed (or posted) to parking lot Category=START
  2. PLC goes through items, comments and changes Category=STAGE2.
    1. PLC Agenda to be updated with link to items discussed... i.e. minutes.
  3. TC goes through items, comments and changes to permanent category --- History | Discussed OR Book Of Knowledge
    1. TC Agenda to be updated with link to items discussed... i.e. minutes.

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