Boy Scout Genealogy Merit Badge Clinic – July 23rd


Where: UW-Fox Valley at 1478 Midway Road, Menasha, Room 1062
When: Saturday, July 23 rd , 2016; Gathering (9:30 AM), start at (10 AM); end time ~ 2:30PM
Cost: $10.00/scout, adults free; siblings free – are encouraged to attend.
Registration deadline: None. Open.


This badge is an elective merit badge. Scouts should have and have read the current Boy Scout Genealogy Merit Badge pamphlet, which can be found at the Scout Shop or local libraries.

There is no registration cutoff. Any questions, please contact Rose Marie Lewis at, 920-832- 2654 (work), or 920-722- 5748 (Home). To register please

send the attached form with check payable to the Rose Marie Lewis at University of Wisconsin – Fox Valley or cash at the door, 1478 Midway Road, Menasha, WI 54952. Scouts blue merit

badge cards need to be properly and fully filled out before coming to the workshop. REQUIRED WORK OUTSIDE OF WORKSHOP: Choice of # 2a or 2b, with 3 and 4b. They

include doing 2a: a life timeline on themselves or a family member (but this could be done the day of the workshop); 4b: obtaining a genealogical document (birth, marriage or death

certificate or church record: baptismal, communion or confirmation record) for themselves or a family member and bring it with them or a photocopy (preferably-to avoid the loss of the

document) and 3. Interviewing an older family member (Grandmother, Grandfather, Great Aunt or Uncle, etc.) about his or her life. Similarities and differences from now & then.

NOTE: This is a fun and relatively easy merit badge that could be used as the family project of the required portion of the Family Life merit badge. It can involve the whole family in

a day of fun and exploration of your families past, present and future.

University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley


July 23 rd , 2016

Fox Valley Science Wing


Scout(s) Name:________________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________

City: _________________________________ State: ________ Zip: __________

Phone: ________________________ E-mail: _______________________________________

Scouts Current Rank: _____________________Troop #: __________________


Mail completed form with check made payable to Rose Marie Lewis or bring to workshop: University of Wisconsin – Fox Valley

C/O Rose Marie Lewis

1478 Midway Road

Menasha, WI 54952

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